Live Connection Talks Spring 2024

Marc Norris presents two great new talks available from April 2024.
They are centred around the crucial themes of mental wellbeing 
and the art of embracing courage and venturing beyond our comfort zones. 
Prepare to be inspired, enlightened, and energized to make positive change!
Each talk is 60-90mins and can be tailored to your school, church, company or event.
Use the contact details below to get in touch - I look forward to hearing from you!

"4 Ways to Wellness"

In today's world, many of us grapple with the challenges of maintaining a healthy mental well-being balance. Yet, we are bombarded with an overwhelming array of strategies, hacks, and solutions.

In this talk, Marc draws upon his personal mental health journey to focus on four essential facets of well-being. He shares stories, insights, and practical strategies to help nurture a healthier relationship with our minds. The talk explores:

  1. Habits: Delving into the core of habitual behavior, Marc examines how our repeated automatic actions can either enhance or erode our well-being.

  2. Wholeness: Our lives are a delicate equilibrium of mind, body, relationships, and purpose. Marc discusses the importance of maintaining balance across these dimensions.

  3. Presence: In a world obsessed with the past and future, Marc highlights the profound value of the present moment.

  4. Pain: While our instincts press us to avoid, evade, or numb discomfort, Marc explores how a changed relationship with pain can lead to recovery, acceptance and hope.

"The Hero's Journey"

In our world today, there is a noticeable shift towards risk aversion and a strong desire for comfort. Paradoxically, this era of comfort has given rise to an increasing crisis among young people, characterized by a decline in personal confidence, a searching for purpose, and a longing for fulfillment.

In this talk, Marc explores the classic storytelling framework pioneered by Joseph Campbell: "The Hero's Journey".  He illustrates how each of the stages within this timeless template, evident in narratives from Ancient Greece to modern classics like Star Wars and Harry Potter, can serve as a blueprint for a more enriching, self-assured, and purpose-driven existence in our own lives.

The talk explores;

1.  The departure from the ordinary world
2.  Making new alliances and undergoing trials in the new world.
3.  Overcoming ordeals and undergoing transformation.
4.  The return as a someone who is newer, wiser and stronger.

'The Hero's Journey' is an ideal opportunity to explore what it looks like to leave our comfort zone and gain purpose, mastery and agency in a new world.